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I’m Guessing They Haven’t Heard of Twitter

My buddy Mike Z passed along a portion of a job description from a local broadcasting company in upstate NY:

“Expected to log onto the computer on a daily basis and use department electronic mail and message boards to receive and send messages important to the department’s objectives. Also, expected to check mailbox, voice mail and e-mail messages periodically throughout the day.”

I suggest they add the following, just so there’s no gray area: “Upon arrival each day,  expected to greet co-workers, proceed to assigned workspace, and sit in chair. Also expected to consume food, drink coffee (or other preferred beverage) and take potty breaks at established intervals throughout the day.”


What Drives Word of Mouth? Interesting Content

Compelling content will drive word of mouth for your brand, even if that content is irreverant and in the form of *gasp* a 30-second spot on broadcast TV. Exhibit A: McDonald’s talking fish. 

YouTube views of most popular posting of the spot: 246,757 <warning: this tune will stick in your head like spackling paste>

Google blog search results for “McDonald’s talking fish”: 29,921

Members of McDonald’s Filet O Fish Commercial fan club on Facebook: 289 

The spot’s been running for two weeks.

Greek Gods of Spamdexing

I’ve been getting the usual stream of spam comments on my blog, but lately they’ve followed a new trend: all the poseur/posters have Greek names. What’s behind this new tactic in the spammers’ playbook? Do studies show that people are more likely to click on links from Greeks? Why am I being subjected to the wrath of these ancient gods? Evripides, Athones, Aikos, please explain yourselves. Oh, never mind – I just jettisoned you to WordPress’ version of Hades.

Need a New Hobby? Try ‘Sleep Driving’


WASHINGTON (AP) — All sleeping pills, including the blockbusters Ambien and Lunesta, may sometimes cause a bizarre but dangerous side effect — sleep-driving, the Food and Drug Administration warned Wednesday.

It’s like sleepwalking but behind-the-wheel: driving while not fully awake after using a sleeping aid — with no memory of doing so.

The FDA ordered the makers of 13 products to strengthen warnings on their labels about two rare but serious side effects:

• Sleep-driving, along with other less dangerous “complex sleep-related behaviors” — like making phone calls or fixing and eating food while still asleep.

• And life-threatening allergic reactions, as well as severe facial swelling, both of which can occur the first time the pills are taken.

I would hope that some savvy pharma marketer somewhere can turn these developments into a catchy new direct-to-consumer promotion – maybe a mashup of Lunesta’s soothing butterfly with the Ford Edge campaign. But we shouldn’t joke about these things. Seriously.