Best of “CMO”

You can’t get to these stories from the CMO magazine archives anymore, so I’ve taken the liberty of re-posting a few of my favorites here. (All stories reprinted by permission of CXO Media, Inc.)

Strategy & Innovation

Making Waves. P&G’s Tremor division claims to have cracked the code on measurable word of mouth using a concoction of old metrics, new approaches and a heavy dose of secret sauce.

Method, Not Madness. Innovation may look casual. But behind every creative leap, there’s a real process at work.

Context Is King. Companies are studying customer behavior to improve product design and identify new business opportunities. The potential payoffs are huge.

A Manifesto for Marketing. What ails the profession – and how to fix it.

Metrics Revolution. It’s time for Marketing to stand up and be counted. Literally.

Hub of Activity. Next-generation contact centers can boost customer satisfaction, improve retention and increase top-line sales. Pulling this off requires an enlightened partnership between Marketing and Operations.


Inside the Box. Procter & Gamble global marketing officer Jim Stengel has challenged his marketing teams to get up close and personal with consumers.

The Ultimate Bug Fix. To sustain its dominance in the digital era, Microsoft needed to work out the kinks in its marketing machine. Its approach might surprise you.

Lean Machine. It’s rigid. It’s process driven. It’s Lean Six Sigma, and Xerox has embraced the approach to save millions, improve marketing operations and grow the business.


The Perfect Brainstorm. Companies are sparking new ideas by tapping into the next generation of idea management tools.

CAN’T Spam. Stop blasting e-mails at your customers, and come up with something relevant. Or else.

Blog to the Future. An early take on the potential of blogs as a corporate marketing tool.


Steve Hayden, Ogilvy & Mather. A big thinker takes us on a journey into the future of advertising.

Jim Stengel, Procter & Gamble. P&G’s global marketing chief is pumped up about consumer-centric marketing.

Mike Dee, Boston Red Sox. A curse reversed.

2 thoughts on “Best of “CMO””

  1. English women and chocolate, gorblimey. The link between English women and Cadbury’s is almost as strong as the link between English women and pet hedgehogs.

    Whenever I blog about the wild longtailed weasels I have here, I get about 60 hits per UK working hour per day on searches for “weasels” or “stoats”

    Oh a stoat is a short tailed weaze. the best known stoat is the ermine.

    Writing about weazes is much more fun than writing about unannounced PCs, sources said.

    Be well
    Jim Forbes

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