Why “Magnosticism”?

I have a longtime buddy who’s a practicing agnostic (actually, he’s more of a full-blown atheist, but work with me) and one of the more generally cynical bastards I have the pleasure of knowing. Me, I’m an optimist in a world surrounded by skeptics, particularly regarding the two fields I’m most passionate about: media and marketing. The critics and much of the general public view both with varying levels of disparagement, some warranted, some not; my goal is to provide a regular reality check on the practices, the practitioners and the voices of doom in both worlds.

So to answer the question headlining this post: I was looking for a name that captured the dour moods around media and marketing. Never one to pass up an opportunity to use a cheap literary device, I bolted the alliterative connection between both terms onto the philosophical doubt embodied by agnosticism. I give you Magnosticism 

My dear mom, Theresa Agnes Reid O’Regan, was a wonderful wordsmith. During the final, difficult days leading up to her death in December 2002, egged on by a morphine drip, she occasionally spoke of the existence of one word that she said would capture the essence of life, of all beings. Unfortunately, Mom never told my siblings or me what the word was. I’m pretty sure that “magnosticism” isn’t it – but maybe this forum will lead me closer to it.  

5 thoughts on “Why “Magnosticism”?”

  1. Wow Rob, this is powerful. Rock on my optimist brother. The media world needs more of your “touch”!

  2. Robert,
    Good to “read” from you…and good to read you. Love the name. Keep your eternal optimism…that’s what kept me going all these years. Look forward to your insightful and humorous thoughts…always a pleasure (and not just because you’re my little bro).

    By the way, the word which captures the essence of life (I have the inside track), is “HOPE.”

    From a fellow brander…

    My warmest,

  3. Good stuff: I think you have a winner in the word and it has caught my attention. Keep blogging.

    I feel your adelphia pain, new modem, new router and then find out it was them. information PRICELESS.

  4. Rob
    As usual, you never cease to amaze me. Wonderful job picking the name. Keep up the good work and writing about all the meaningful things in our crazy world. Sorry it took me so long to access this. You keep all of us wondering about the next half full glass. Luvu Gin

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