Nude Bike Racing and Hummers

Catchy headline, eh?

Was in Montpelier, VT this past weekend for a family wedding, and was fortunate enough to catch, from our hotel room window, the tail end (so to speak) of a nude bike race through town to protest rising gas prices and oil consumption.

Only in VermontToday, Ad Age reports that GM is considering selling off its Hummer brand. Coincidence? I don’t think so.







3 thoughts on “Nude Bike Racing and Hummers”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe i am the only one to comment on this one! Being an unfortunate bystander myself I am going to protest that protest by wearing clothes (is that really a protest?) a bike Helmet and blindfold : ) Great picture Rob keep up the good work! Justin

  2. Ok…so I have been a little busy with the two weddings and developing 1800 pictures…my only comment is other than great photo, Robert, is that this gives a whole new meaning to fanny pack!

  3. It has been written about the youth of Ancient Greece that they (mostly the boys, the “beardless — their word for ‘teens’ –“) tended to take good care of their physical bodies simply because they reveled in sports and in exercising in the nude– I can only think that obese children of the U. S. A. would feel more pride of ownership if they had to exercise and swim and run in the nude — as did the turn of the 1900’s Youth at YMCA’s and civic swimming pools and gymnasiums. In the above picture, I see only — what I would call — “in good shape” people feeling comfortable in their own skins — I think we humnas don’t need to feel SO ASHAMED OF our bodies as we can feel true gult over WHAT WE “DO” to our bodies and how we allow such beautiful”machines” to become flabby, deteriorated and
    nearly useless( out-of-shape internally ever before the external shows-up). If more people — in the U. S. A. –healthily, pro-actively revelled in their nude state, there would be less health problems in this land of uptight Puritanical mental and physical constricture. God Bless Naked Angels! GREGG OREO, Long Beach,

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