About Me

Rob O’Regan is an editorial consultant with 25 26 years of experience writing about business and technology. As the founder and principal of 822 Media, O’Regan advises clients on editorial strategy and content development, with an emphasis on marketing, technology, and digital media. His articles have been published in MarketingNPV Journal, The Advertiser, 1to1 magazine, and other journals, and his client list includes the American Marketing Association, Truman Company, Evanta, 1to1 Media, McKinsey, Monitor Group, and King Fish Media. He is the co-editor of “Marketing Mix Decisions: New Perspectives and Practices” (American Marketing Association, June 2008).

Previously, O’Regan worked at CXO Media, where he served as general manager of online operations and as the founding Editor in Chief of CMO, a critically acclaimed monthly magazine and website targeted at senior marketing executives. The publication received numerous awards during O’Regan’s tenure, including the ASBPE’s Magazine of the Year award in 2005. He was named one of Min magazine’s “21 Most Intriguing People” in 2005.

Prior to CMO, O’Regan was a senior editor with McKinsey & Company, the global consulting firm, where he managed a core service line for creating articles and white papers for clients. Before McKinsey, O’Regan spent 14 years at Ziff-Davis’s PC Week (now eWeek), where as executive news editor he directed print and online news coverage for the award-winning tech newsweekly.

O’Regan began his journalism career as a daily news reporter and spent three years as an editor with Copley News Service in San Diego before joining PC Week. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire, earning a bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism.  O’Regan lives in Londonderry, NH, with his wife Kathy and three children – Kelsey, Meghan and Conor.

7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Rob, welcome. I’m glad to see you made it to the world of blogs. Ididn’t know hyou had worked down here in San Diego. Soldier on, Rob, and kick some booty.

    Jim Forbes

  2. Hey Rob,

    I love the blog and the name. Good brandability.

    We had a brief intro and some abbreviated conversation just before CMO went dark–tragic, by the way–I really liked the magazine. You may recall we discussed my book “Emotional Branding” and some of the work we do for many leading brands. I want to touch base with you to see if you might be interested in collaborating with me on a second book I have in the works? I have beaucoup material and not enough time to bring it to life. Are you interested in anything like this?

    All the best,
    Daryl Travis

  3. Robert,
    Good to “read” from you…and good to read you. Love the name. Keep your eternal optimism…that’s what kept me going all these years. Look forward to your insightful and humorous thoughts…always a pleasure (and not just because you’re my little bro).

    By the way, the word which captures the essence of life (I have the inside track), is “HOPE.”

    From a fellow brander…

    My warmest,

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