Greek Gods of Spamdexing

I’ve been getting the usual stream of spam comments on my blog, but lately they’ve followed a new trend: all the poseur/posters have Greek names. What’s behind this new tactic in the spammers’ playbook? Do studies show that people are more likely to click on links from Greeks? Why am I being subjected to the wrath of these ancient gods? Evripides, Athones, Aikos, please explain yourselves. Oh, never mind – I just jettisoned you to WordPress’ version of Hades.


2 thoughts on “Greek Gods of Spamdexing”

  1. I do hope you’re at least skimming those comments tagged as spam. As someone who get regularly caught by Akismet by “mistake”, I would hate to know tha you’re not at least going behind and double checking.

    For me, the usernames have been nothing but random characters. Haven’t seen any greek names. That’s interesting though.

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