Need a New Hobby? Try ‘Sleep Driving’


WASHINGTON (AP) — All sleeping pills, including the blockbusters Ambien and Lunesta, may sometimes cause a bizarre but dangerous side effect — sleep-driving, the Food and Drug Administration warned Wednesday.

It’s like sleepwalking but behind-the-wheel: driving while not fully awake after using a sleeping aid — with no memory of doing so.

The FDA ordered the makers of 13 products to strengthen warnings on their labels about two rare but serious side effects:

• Sleep-driving, along with other less dangerous “complex sleep-related behaviors” — like making phone calls or fixing and eating food while still asleep.

• And life-threatening allergic reactions, as well as severe facial swelling, both of which can occur the first time the pills are taken.

I would hope that some savvy pharma marketer somewhere can turn these developments into a catchy new direct-to-consumer promotion – maybe a mashup of Lunesta’s soothing butterfly with the Ford Edge campaign. But we shouldn’t joke about these things. Seriously.  


One thought on “Need a New Hobby? Try ‘Sleep Driving’”

  1. I’m enjoying this blog more everyday … Sure you say some insightful things … but sometimes I just laugh out loud. The line about muttering something about Prom Queen at last call was priceless 🙂

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