822 Media

822 Media is an editorial consultancy that specializes in content marketing and editorial services for marketers and media companies. Since 2006, the company has helped clients in multiple industries create high-impact content that is engaging and authentic and drives results.

We provide the following services:

Content strategy: We will help you devise a strategy for creating content that will engage your target audience. We’ll also help you determine the best vehicles for delivering your message, from corporate blogs to white papers to videos and podcasts.

Thought leadership: We will help you create compelling content that establishes your credibility and authority on the topics that are most important to your business or market.

Knowledge audits: Having trouble capturing the intellectual capital that’s locked in silos (or in the heads of employees) across your organization? We can help you identify and codify the hidden pockets of knowledge and areas of expertise throughout your company and turn that knowledge into high-impact, client- or customer-ready content.

Samples of our client work:


Getting Social: The Open Road to “CRM 3.0”, 1to1 Media, Fall 2009

The retail workforce: A valuable asset in a changing market, Economist Intelligence Unit, April 2009

Disciplined autonomy: Resolving the tension between flexibility and control, Economist Intelligence Unit, February 2009

Interactive Documents Get Smarter, Peppers & Rogers, March 2007


Defy and Deliver, The Advertiser, Nov. 2009

The New Reality of TV Advertising, The Advertiser, Feb. 2009

How Much Can Neuromarketing Add to Your Consumer Research? MarketingNPV Journal, January 2009

Calculating the Value of Referrals: Easier Said than Done, MarketingNPV Journal, September 2008

How do You Measure Engagement? MarketingNPV Journal, September 2008

Put a New Shine on Your Brand, The Advertiser, Feb. 2007

Anatomy of a Dashboard Failure, MarketingNPV Journal, December 2007

Make a Grand Entrance, The Advertiser, Dec. 2006

Changing Channels, The Advertiser, Oct. 2006


eMediaVitals.com: I manage the editorial operations for this startup media site that covers the publishing industry.

MyPath: Working with Manpower and Truman Company, we developed the editorial plan, performed a content audit, created new content, and helped with the launch of this career-management website.

MyVBO: We helped to create the site copy for this startup.


Avondale Consulting


Marketing Mix Decisions: New Perspectives and Practices, American Marketing Association, 2008

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