Fakes, Frauds, and Irony

Received an email from the CMO Council today with this  alliteratively intriguing subject line: Fight Fakes, Frauds and Infringements: Your Opportunity to Contribute. 

So I clicked on it. “Dear Kim,” it began, “A variety of tricks, schemes and frauds have been’infecting’ leading brands for several years and the issue has worsened over time. …”

I’ll tell you what else has been infecting brands: email blasts that address you with someone else’s name.

2/6 update: Just received a follow-up blast with the subject line “CORRECTION: Fighting Fraud…and Learning a Lesson in Personalization”‏ – with my real name and an apology from a CMO Council VP. Nice recovery. She added, “as one expert in personalization pointed out this would make a GREAT blog post.” Well, I don’t know about great, but she got the post part right…


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