The Snuggie Phenomenon

In this age of the enlightened and empowered consumer, let us never underestimate the power of pure kitsch as a marketing tool. Witness the Snuggie, the goofy blanket/robe hybrid with the goofier direct-response TV ads, which has been flying off the shelves. From Ad Age:

The quirky little blanket with sleeves has become the raiment of the zeitgeist, with more than 4 million units sold in just over three months and more than 200 parody videos on YouTube. Fox News honed in on a woman wearing a Snuggie as she braved the cold attending Barack Obama’s inauguration on Jan. 20, five days after Ellen DeGeneres donned one on her daytime talk show.

4 million units! In case you’ve somehow missed the ad:


4 thoughts on “The Snuggie Phenomenon”

  1. Like most others I laughed at the ads and even mocked them. But over time I realized that it’s probably something I could use and not just because I am a very good New England landlord and keep my heat way down. Lesson learned — don’t make fun of this stuff.

  2. sure enough these infomercials draw in my attention like a magnet, though i haven’t gotten the point of actually buying a Snuggie or Shamwow, etc

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