Election Day Media Coverage Diary

How did election day play out in the media and one particular swing state? One citizen’s personal diary:

1:28 pm: WBZ Radio Boston – Secretary of State Bill Galvin predicts record turnouts in Massachusetts, possibly topping 3 million voters

1:53 pm: I stop to vote at the high school in Londonderry, NH. As I walk into the gym, I pass candidates and supporters caged behind two temporary 8-foot-high chain link fence enclosures. The town moderator had caused a stir a few weeks back when she said electioneers would have to stand on the corner at the main entrance to the high school – a good 300 yards from the gym entrance – where they wouldn’t pose “safety risks.” A compromise was reached to provide two small holding pens – Republicans on the right, Democrats on the left. The people caged inside with their signs looked grim.

2:46 pm: My 17-year-old daughter takes a call from an unidentified man asking if my wife has voted yet and offering to give her a ride to the polls. Hmmm.

2:47 pm: Lead headline on CNN.com: “‘Excited’ voters find long lines” <not in Londonderry – I was in and out in five minutes.>

3:28 pm: Lead headline on TheOnion.com: “Voting Machines Elect One of Their Own as President”

5:48 pm: website FiveThirtyEight.com (run by a stat geek named Nate Silver) is projecting that Obama will win with 348.6 (??) electoral votes and 52.3% of the popular vote (which would make Obama the first president-elect to win more than 51% of the popular vote since 1988).

6 pm: Talk to my older brother Patrick in Maine, who says he will be watching the results on TV with his laptop to get up-to-the-minute results and projections. The excitement in his voice is palpable – he’s a big Obama supporter.

6:38 pm: Lead headline on HuffingtonPost.com: “EXIT POLLS 2008 … READ WITH CAUTION”

6:40 pm: First results coming in from Indiana and Kentucky … web browser slowing to a crawl … Keith Olbermann has an erection …

6:50 pm: Lead headline on FoxNews.com: “Hard Fought to the End” (overlaid on a photo of John and Cindy McCain at their last rally in Colorado)

8:10 pm: The livebloggers are starting to weigh in. ZZZZZ.

8:11 pm: A boys choir is singing at the McCain HQ in Phoenix. ZZZZZ.

8:30 pm: CNN and others call New Hampshire for Obama. 70% of postgraduate-educated voters went with Obama. 60% of Independents voted for Obama – a big disappointment for McCain. Dems are sweeping NH – governor, Senate, House.

9:04 pm: I filled out the CNN Electoral Map Calculator and have Obama winning 360 electoral votes.

9:15 pm: Notable videos:

9:36 pm: As Ohio is projected for Obama, CBS’ Bob Schieffer says it’s “virtually impossible” for McCain to win.

9:49 pm: Just spaced on a Katie Couric interview while I surfed the web. She makes me sleepy

9:50 pm: Hope they declare a winner soon – it’s almost my bedtime. I will DVR the acceptance/concession speeches.

11:00 pm – Obama projected as President-Elect. Wow.


7 thoughts on “Election Day Media Coverage Diary”

  1. Someone please tell me Olbermann isn’t a mirror-image of Ann Coulter, spewing useless us-versus-them invective from the other side. I haven’t watched him much but I’m starting to get the impression… (p.s. hopefully nobody in the office will ask why I suddenly busted out laughing, because I can’t repeat your Olbermann line.)

  2. he’s another guy who loves to hear himself talk and thinks he’s smarter than he is. Very tiresome. And hey, if the Cialis folks can talk about 4-hour erections during prime time, you should be able to say the word in the office (in the proper context, of course).

  3. Although Olbermann may not be as smart as he thinks he is, he’s smarter than every other talking head drawing a network check. He was first out of the blocks on Bush’s incompetence. For too long, no one else in the network media dared to call out the “war time president,” no matter how much of a dumb ass he was.

  4. Just to clarify: There’s no correlation between intelligence and self-important wingnut-ism? And while being outspoken does not require intelligence, it does reveal “testicular fortitude” as the late, great Gorilla Monsoon would say–another admirable quality.

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