What I Believe

I was tagged by Collateral Damage for a silly blog meme game, and if I don’t respond (and send to five new victims) then the stock market will crash or the world will end or something. So here’s what I believe:

  1. That people are too easily led to believe in things they don’t really believe in (the lemming theory, aka presidential politics).
  2. That God’s teachings are much more relevant when they’re found within the context of our lives than in any book written by humans centuries ago.
  3. That there’s no better feeling than watching your kids succeed at something (anything) they’ve worked hard to achieve.
  4. In the healing power of laughter (except for knee injuries).
  5. I wish for 3 more wishes <oops, wrong game>
  6. In the Red Sox.

OK, so now to share the misery with others. I tag noted non-believer Albert, plus Derek, Bruce, Tracy, and Real Dan.


5 thoughts on “What I Believe”

  1. I don’t get the blog game, but I take full responsibilty for my ignorance. As I don’t believe in God, I can’t blame him. Damn.

    Knee injuries are good for supplying laughter, but only if they are incurred by a close personal friend who used to be really, really fast.

    I also believe in the Red Sox, and am hoping that they will never become Yankee-like.

    Warren Zevon is the man.

  2. Wow. How incredibly refreshing that someone still believes in His word and openly states that God’s teachings are relevant to our lives today. I appreciate your sense of humor in these tough times. I was actually smittenn with the new england winter image – is New England surviving the economic crisis?

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