Dept. of the Obvious: Consumer Confidence Down

Let’s see, my 401K is worth half of what it was six months ago, we’re facing a gazillion-dollar deficit, the thank-god-it’s-almost-over presidential race has turned into the greatest exchange of negativity since Rick Pitino sparred with the Boston media, and it looks like it might snow tonight. No surprise then that today’s headlines shout Consumer Confidence at All-Time Low.

I do not need The Conference Board to tell me what I already knew.


What I Believe

I was tagged by Collateral Damage for a silly blog meme game, and if I don’t respond (and send to five new victims) then the stock market will crash or the world will end or something. So here’s what I believe:

  1. That people are too easily led to believe in things they don’t really believe in (the lemming theory, aka presidential politics).
  2. That God’s teachings are much more relevant when they’re found within the context of our lives than in any book written by humans centuries ago.
  3. That there’s no better feeling than watching your kids succeed at something (anything) they’ve worked hard to achieve.
  4. In the healing power of laughter (except for knee injuries).
  5. I wish for 3 more wishes <oops, wrong game>
  6. In the Red Sox.

OK, so now to share the misery with others. I tag noted non-believer Albert, plus Derek, Bruce, Tracy, and Real Dan.