Travel-Related Technology Musings

Random reflections during my latest jaunt this week between Boston and Milwaukee:

Innovation: As I went through airport security and heard the drone of “all laptops must be removed from their cases,” I was reminded of a recent NY Times article on the new “checkpoint friendly” laptop cases that the TSA has blessed and that bag makers Pathfinder Luggage and Targus are now “rushing to produce.” My question is, what took them so long? My goodness, Crocs can churn out multiple generations of its butt-ugly footwear in the time it takes briefcase and backpack makers to make a single security-friendly bag that passes TSA muster. Where are our priorities?

Bluetooth in bathrooms: I’ll never understand how men can talk on their cellphones while relieving themselves in a public restroom. Dude, those Bluetooth headsets can pick up all kinds of background noise, including all the unzippings and tinklings and flushings that the person you’re talking to doesn’t really need to hear. Another blow against commonsense phone etiquette, though it does give new meaning to the term “hands free.”

Earbuds: I have to wear bulky headphones when I listen to my iPod. I can’t wear earbuds – they always fall out. I’m not talking about when I’m exercising either – sitting in an airplane seat, if I turn my head slightly or inadvertantly tug on the wires, boop! they’re out. Even the models that hang over my ear don’t stay snug. Does anyone else have this problem? Do I need custom ‘buds? Should I try Superglue?


5 thoughts on “Travel-Related Technology Musings”

  1. my favorite one of these was the guy standing at the urinal who said, “love you honey” flush and then continued the conversation. Yeah, that would make me feel special and loved.

  2. I listened to a senior exec of a wicked big tech company take a dump on a conference call because she couldn’t remember the mute button. a) ladies can snap a grogan just like a guy, complete with grunts and other disgusting sound effects and b) starting a call to discuss a relationship after hitting the flusher sort of said it all.

    Ear buds. Screw them in tighter. Really wrench em down.

  3. snap a grogan? david, i thought i heard ’em all…guess not. earbuds…i have tried half a dozen brands and i hate them all, even the pricey bang and olufson i’m using now. they sound great but they either fall out or hurt my ears when i (as david suggests) screw them in. i’ve looked into the custom-made shure earphones but i can’t justify the cost, which is more than the iPod.

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