I was travel-challenged this week. First, I left my phone adapter at home for my trip to Milwaukee, so my mobile died on day 2. Then, I left my laptop power cord at the client site, which combined with the 30-minute capacity of my Vaio battery left me very unproductive on the flight home. Losing your cell phone and your laptop capabilities in the same day is very humbling; I was instantly antsy at my inability to connect, to log in, to download. I was reduced to a passive state, reading a newspaper and wondering what was happening that I wasn’t aware of. Troubling.


2 thoughts on “Powerless”

  1. Rob: I had a similar experience during a recent trip to Chicago. I didn’t run out of power but found that when I wasn’t connected (either through my air card or BlackBerry) I felt I wasn’t getting anything done. I had plenty of opportunities to just read all the paperwork I brought but it felt like I was disconnected (more than literally). I now face a trip to Boston. Driving makes more sense due to schedules but I am leaning to Acela so I can stay connected. I think I need some help here.


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