What Not To Do on Your “About Us” page

An About Us page is a checklist item for any business’s website (and many personal blogs, in its more informal About Me variation). Here’s what NOT to do on your “About Us” page:

  • Don’t put your “About Us” page in the “Past News” section – this implies that, well, you are old news.  
  • Don’t put embeddable ads in the text. That tells me a lot “about” you – all of it negative.
  • Don’t say you have an experienced staff, but then provide no information about or access to those people.
  • Don’t post text with numerous typos (and compound the oversight by calling yourself an “award-winning” media publication).

If you don’t think any established website could possibly allow any of these egregious errors to go unchecked, think again: I found one that features ALL of them. And I’m sad to say I used to work for them. What a disturbing decline for a once-great publication.


One thought on “What Not To Do on Your “About Us” page”

  1. I checked out Eweek’s “About US” page and it is weak, not to mention clustered. Maybe they could hire a high school kid to clean it up for them.

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