Media Slam Dunk: Eliot Spitzer

“Feeding frenzy” takes on a whole new meaning with 7/24 news cycles. Witness the Eliot Spitzer scandal. This guy was buried in a New York minute. My favorite tabloid covers:


You can even write your own NY Post headline.

Google News search results for “Eliot Spitzer” for March 11: 16,199

Google-indexed blog posts referencing “Eliot Spitzer ” on March 11: 2,160

Best jokes, compiled here.

Even advertisers are getting into the act.

Nothing’s more tasty to media folk than a holier-than-thou public figure caught with his pants down. The Steamroller gets steamrolled.


One thought on “Media Slam Dunk: Eliot Spitzer”

  1. Who doesn’t love a story involving an elitist fathead and a high class hooker? It’s only a matter of time before the movie comes to Lifetime: Pretty Woman Two: Eliot and Kristen.

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