Shouldn’t They Know This Already?

At client meetings today in Milwaukee, where – surprise! – it’s snowing. For such a supposedly hardy area of the country, the local news sure makes the populace seem weather-wimpy. The ABC affiliate extended their morning news by a half-hour to cover what amounted to a traffic jam on I-94 and generally slippery roads. Among the list of safe-driving tips they offered:

  • Clear snow from vehicle before you drive
  • Drive slowly
  • Avoid skids

And the anchor added, with the tone and furrowed brow of someone who’s acutely aware of the seriousness of the situation: “Drive slowly out there.”

This probably speaks more to the state of local media than the fine state of Wisconsin.


One thought on “Shouldn’t They Know This Already?”

  1. Hey Rob. As folow up (in case you missed this morning’s coverage); a local station drove 60 miles north of Milwaukee this morning to report from Sheboygan, WI where it happened to be snowing (to be clear, it was not snowing in Milwaukee). How soon before we see a local Milwaukee reporter on location in Denver reporting on the potential “white death” 3 days away?

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