I May Have to Try This

From a spam press release I received today:

David Hancock of Morgan jams Publishing offers the advantages of a New York Publisher without the drawbacks. His entrepreneurial publishing model gives authors control over their own books, influence over cover design, and most importantly, his authors retain full rights to their books and earn a 20 per cent commission on each sale.

Hancock teamed up with Glenn Dietzel of AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com, whose Entrepreneurial Authoring Program teaches clients to write a money-making book in 12 hours of actual writing time<emphasis by Magnostic>. Clients who complete the program discover how to write a book that is “entrepreneurially sound” and are guaranteed acceptance with Morgan James Publishing, without writing a book proposal or going through years of submission and rejection.

Dietzel’s Entrepreneurial Authoring Program and individual business mentoring teach clients how to create a book that is an entrepreneurially sound lead generator for a well-structured business. A book that is entrepreneurially sound naturally leads readers to interact with the author and continue to do business again and again. The book is specifically designed as an invitation to take part in the author’s other services. Special offers and free gifts of value to the reader are tucked into the pages of the book.

I once aspired to write a novel, but an “entrepreneurially sound lead generator” sounds much more romantic.

2 thoughts on “I May Have to Try This”

  1. oh great another instant author scheme with a Publish on Demand business model.
    Maybe it’s time for my boo “Love’s burning Itch: the story of tetracyclin’s widespread use.”

    jim Forbes

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