‘Simpsonize Me’ Site – D’oh!

Burger King and its agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky figured out the whole Internet viral marketing thing a long time ago, first with the Subservient Chicken and since with a steady stream of innovative programs for engaging online surfers and gamers. Their latest brainchild is the Simpsonize Me site, part of BK’s extensive tie-in with The Simpsons Movie, which debuts tomorrow. BK has had loads of traffic and plenty of positive buzz since last week’s launch of the Simpsonize Me site, which is supposed to enable visitors to upload a photo and some personal info to have themselves rendered as a Simpsons character. From the Miami Herald:

In the first three days of Simpsonizeme.com’s launch, the site received more than 16 million hits, and more than 700,000 photos were ”Simpsonized,” according to Burger King spokeswoman Robin Chung. Visitors were uploading an average of three photos each and spending about 12 minutes on the site.

”We provide a forum where they can be entertained and have fun, and that’s the most effective way to get people engaged with our brand,” said Tiana Lang, media and interactive manager for Burger King.

The site is so popular, in fact, that it’s now disabled. D’oh! I thought we were past the days of overloaded web servers caused by an unexpected traffic surge. But how could this have been unexpected? No excuse for a marketer launching a promotion without coordinating with the techies to anticipate and plan for heavy traffic. Being told to come back later is probably not the type of engagement Lang was referring to.



3 thoughts on “‘Simpsonize Me’ Site – D’oh!”

  1. I agree soooo much.

    16 million hits – 700,000 photos = an awful lot of disappointed people.

    Brand damage at its finest.

    Chris @ rawstylus.wordpress.com

  2. I was able to crank one out for my daughter. Kinda cool. But the thing is, even though the King is now cool, it doesn’t make their shakes taste any better, or make their “onion rings” more like the ones I get at the clam shack. It may make the brand look a little more adolescent than the Ronnie McDonnie thing, but the I don’t see where it end up in more hamburger sales.

  3. Hey Mark – i actually think BK has done a good job of targeting the youth set, which I gotta believe has some payoff on the business side. The King creeps me out, but I do prefer their burgers over Micky D’s!

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