Innovations in Cookie Packaging

I’ve been working with a client on an article about innovation, specifically how companies can identify not just the best new ideas, but the ones that are most likely to succeed in the market. In other words, you need to figure out which innovative ideas – for new products or marketing programs or packaging or distribution or whatever – will actually make money and help your company grow.

Sometimes the smallest innovations have the biggest impact. Consider the new packaging for the bag of Oreos we bought last week. You know how it used to work: You rip open the wrapper around the plastic tray or Oreos, and a week later any cookies that are left are stale, because there’s no way to re-seal the bag. (Not that Oreos last too long in our household, but hey, it happens.) But now Kraft has added a re-sealable Easy Open Tab to the top of the packgage – you pull it back to grab a few cookies and it sticks back in place when you’re done. Freshness preserved!

Apparently Kraft’s Snack ‘n’ Seal design has been around since 2005, debuting on a package of Chewy Chips Ahoy, and the design won an innovation award last year. I don’t know how much the packaging will add to Kraft’s bottom line – who knows, it may actually hurt profits by extending the life of every purchase – but the company certainly wins a few customer appreciation points.



One thought on “Innovations in Cookie Packaging”

  1. The pull tab package is terrible. Just try and get cookies out of the side compartments of the tray without breakage. I have to completely remove the tray from that hideous bag and put the tray in a zip lock bag. The marketing genius that foisted this on us should be banished to the fortune cookie assembly line.

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