Ugly Website Alert: Marketing Charts

Came across a new resource called Marketing Charts, published jointly by MediaBuyerPlanner LLC and Watershed Publishing LLC. Great concept, butt-ugly design.

I’m constantly on the lookout for up-to-date stats for the various projects I’m working on and can spend hours Googling for just the right piece of supporting information. A website that aggregates data and research from multiple sources could be a great time-saver. But man, this site is tough to digest. Banners and chart thumbnails and logos compete equally for your visual attention on the home page, with very little to distinguish the content from the advertising. Navigation aids and the search box seem randomly placed in the bottom right of the first screen, requiring a scroll on my toolbar-heavy browser. Have I mentioned that I hate vendor logos? They’re a useless and distracting graphic element.

I guess home pages are less critical in the current world of RSS feeds and e-mail subscriptions. (And yes, I signed up for the site’s daily feed.) And it seems that the site actually has some useful content. But holy cow, what a visual disaster.


2 thoughts on “Ugly Website Alert: Marketing Charts”

  1. Rob, thanks for the blunt feedback. Believe it or not, we appreciate it. What you’ve seen is very much a work in progress, we thought the site would be useful as is and wanted to ship it. I agree the search and navigation placement is not optimal, we should have a fix for that in the next few days.

    That the ads areas are not tagged as such is an oversight, thanks for pointing it out.

    I also agree it’s a challenge to convey a lot of visual information on a single page. We’ll give some thought about your suggestion that maybe vendor logos should go. We think some sort of thumbnail is useful as “visual anchors” to help people scan entries, but if we use charts and scale them down too much, they become meaningless.

    You’re right, the home page is not going to be that critical on this site in the long run, but we’ll try to do a better job with it nonetheless.

  2. Olivier, thanks for your response and for taking the criticism in the spirit in which it was intended. I do think the site has a lot of potential from a content perspective and look forward to following its evolution.

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