Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Off to the Redneck Riviera for a family wedding/reunion, which I am looking forward to on many levels: celebrating the nuptials of one of my nephews and his Southern belle; seeing my brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, and inlaws in the first official family reunion since my mom passed away in 2002; detaching from work for a couple of days; and being on a warm beach. Will be back online next week.  


5 thoughts on “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted”

  1. ROb, you in the deep South? Lordy, Lordy!. have fun
    Btter yet, come back to San Diego. I got gophers to shoot, air rifls to spare, itty bitty tractors for the kids,an aTV for the adults, avocados for lunch, tarantulas and scorpions enough to capture and a sense of humor.

    Come soon

  2. thanks guys – the trip was great. Derek, loved the area – would definitely go back there. Jim – sorry man, I love San Diego and shooting gophers, but am not a fan of avocados – I’ll come back to visit, but not ready to retire there yet!

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