Selling Copiers in Second Life

Xerox simulcast the launch of some new office products yesterday from two venues: Fenway Park in Boston, and Xerox Innovation Island in Second Life. Xerox exec Jim Firestone said the simulcast demonstrates the intersection of the print-based and paperless worlds.

The Fenway event was cool – free food and drink in the EMC Club, a few swings in the indoor batting cages, and Jim Rice signing autographs. The SL event – well, not so good. Xerox Chief Technology Officer Sophie Vandebroek used her avatar to walk through a couple of product demos from within the virtual world, which featured streaming videos of real-life product managers embedded in virtual displays, and a skinny Al Roker avatar running around as some type of investigative journalist/narrator. Vandebroek said Xerox is using Innovation Island to study the social dynamics of the virtual world and potential opportunities for Xerox. I’m sorry, I still don’t get the appeal of Second Life to marketers.


One thought on “Selling Copiers in Second Life”

  1. I would really love to hear more from you about what you see as the potential uses of SL. Dont you think the company is just pouring money into this pointlesly? To be honest i didnt even hear about second life until today.
    I actually did some research and came across “The theme that came through strongly …was the role of virtual worlds in enhancing and enriching the experience of communication and collaboration at work.”
    Personally i think they are completely pouring money into what they call “making work fun” as i had found out.
    They mention the focus of this is “perspective and ideas for business.”
    Maybe something will come of it. However, i highly doubt it is worth the money.
    Thank you for this wonderful post.

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