Brain Dead

A lost week for me, blogwise. Immersed in a couple of new projects on top of a couple that are just wrapping up, ferrying the kids around to various camps and activities during school vacation week, the blog has calcified. Too brain dead at this point for a real post, so here are links to a few stories that caught my eye this week.

BT’s Next Stage: Custom Creative. An interview with EchoTarget CEO Greg Smith, who claims his hotel and travel clients see a 200% to 400% lift in transactions when the EchoTarget behavioral network sends the right destination-specific creative to targets. I have experienced this targeting a few times over the past few weeks after checking a few travel sites for flights to Florida. I didn’t make a reservation, but received a few follow-up emails from Expedia, Travelocity or whatever sites I checked (they all seem the same to me) promising “low fares for your trip to Orlando.” Pretty cool stuff.

Snack Attack! Wired’s current cover story on the bite-sizing of our culture. At first I thought it was a lame idea, but the more I read, the more I liked it. The Biz and Music sections were my faves.

AAAA Media Conference coverage. Microsoft’s top marketing exec, Mich Mathews, said that by 2010, the majority of the company’s media mix will be in the digital space, a signal that the company is simply following its consumers. Mathews followed P&G global marketing officer Jim Stengel, who talked about the need for brands to be authentic, trustworthy and generous. “It’s not about telling and selling,” Stengel was quoted as saying in AdAge. “It’s about bringing a relationship mind-set to everything we do.”


5 thoughts on “Brain Dead”

  1. Maybe it was only a day … but everytime I tried I got this weird WordPress page about the site not being available … Anyway, glad it’s back … even if it was something on my own machine causing it.

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