Adventures in Online Lead Generation

I’m researching an article on loss prevention in the retail industry, and a Google search leads me to a page on ADT’s website touting an “informative Loss Prevention Guide.” Sounds promising, so I click on the link and get taken to a registration form, but with a curious preamble:

Thanks for visiting the ADT website. An ADT professional will be in touch shortly to help assist you.

OK, I don’t want to talk to anyone about loss prevention, at least not until I read the informative Loss Prevention Guide, but I’ll play along and fill in the reg form to get the PDF – pretty much standard operating procedure for lead generation, particularly in the B2B world. I fill out the fields, click Submit and get this head-scratching response:

Thank you for being a valued ADT customer. We appreciate you referring your friends and family to ADT! We’ll do everything possible to assist them in finding the right security system to meet their needs. An ADT representative will contact your friends and family and let them know that you referred them to the security company that protects your home and property.

Holy misdirect, Batman! I didn’t refer any friends and family, and I sure hope you don’t start contacting them and telling them I did so. I’m outta here!

Lesson: Even the smallest missteps can freak out your customers and send them scurrying away.


5 thoughts on “Adventures in Online Lead Generation”

  1. and the words “loss prevention” have specific meanings in the insurance and security industries, Rob.
    Hey, what’s your home address, I have some young friends on two year sabbaticals from there Provo, Utah, college who could come visit you and talk about preventing the loss of your soul. Honest, they’d like to talk to you, really!
    Jim Forbes

  2. Jim,

    I have a complete fake persona I created to get to the white papers. However I’m afraid some poor soul on AOL is on every junk mail list known to mankind.

    You can call me at 312-555-1212. Collect.


  3. Postscript: ADT salespeople have called me twice now regarding the new ADT system they think I purchased because I filled out a reg form. This is the company that’s protecting major businesses across the U.S.?

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