No Love for These Links

PayPerPost, apparently eager to cement its status as the scourge of social media, has launched an affiliate program that will pay bloggers to write items that link back to PayPerPost blogs* blog posts via a “Review My Post” badge supplied by PayPerPost. The company has come under fire since launching its business to commercialize the blogosphere by pairing advertisers with bloggers willing to write about particular topics. (The bloggers get paid by the post – but only if the advertiser approves the content.) PayPerPost recently tightened its policy to require bloggers to disclose that they are being compensated for posts, but this new Review My Post program shows that they still don’t get it.

Aside from the obvious ethical issues around being paid to link to someone else’s blog, the progam also raises the prospect of marketers gaming the search engines by paying to drive high volumes of links to their sites. With this new affiliate program, PayPerPost has taken another big steaming dump in the middle of the blogosphere. Theirs is the wrong model for social media – let’s hope they (and their clients) figure that out soon.

For further reading, Jeff Jarvis has a great post about his exchange with PayPerPost CEO Ted Murphy at a conference last month, including his discovery of the Web-based reality show (ack!) that PayPerPost is making about itself.


6 thoughts on “No Love for These Links”

  1. Hey Rob,

    MediaPost got some important facts wrong about the program and you repeated one above — Review My Post compensates audience members for reviewing ANY post by ANY blogger that carries the “Review My Post” badge (not just sponsored posts by Posties).

    Not only is PPP footing the bill to drive feedback and marketing of your blog, but they actually pay you for the privilege — crazy, huh? What blogger wouldn’t enjoy getting more feedback and discussion of their blog across the blogosphere? Unless you’re saying that compensating people for publicly sharing their feedback is somehow wrong, I think the fact error led you astray. It’s a win-win, no-brainer.

    I provided my perspective and a more accurate review here:

    Thanks for the coverage and I hope you’ll give it a try…

  2. Hi Dan – thanks for your response. *I’ve fixed the inaccuracy but my feelings about the program haven’t changed. Maybe I’m too thick, but bribing people to comment on my blog would seem just as disingenuous as allowing an advertiser to pay me for commenting on their product. If this were to play out fully, we’d end up with a blogosphere full of sycophants-for-hire (“Hey, great blog! You’re really smart!!”)

  3. Thanks for the correction. I’d also note that advertisers don’t approve any of the content for PPP generally or as part of Review My Post.

    I definitely respect your position, but I also know there is a goldmine of feedback inside your audience for you and every other blogger about their blog that could do some good with a nudge like Review My Post.

    Keep up the great blogging!

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