TV-to-Web Crossover: Best Example Yet

Continuing on the nudity theme, I have been intrigued by a recent Dove TV ad – a very short spot that does little more than tease the website for Dove’s new Pro Age skin and haircare products. I had to dig a little to discover that the FCC had banned the full ad, which features a series of nude (tastefully posed), 50-something women embracing their maturity. The spot is an extension of Unilever’s ongoing Real Beauty campaign for the Dove brand.

My observation has nothing to do with why the ad was banned, but the fact that Dove decided to run the edited spot that simply lists the URL, where you can see the full commercial and join the pro-age conversation. It’s the clearest sign yet of the incredible pace of the crossover from broadcast to Internet advertising: the only purpose of the TV spot is to drive traffic online. We will see more of this, for reasons that have nothing to do with the FCC.


One thought on “TV-to-Web Crossover: Best Example Yet”

  1. Great example. Seems like TV ads should be seen more as Pay-per-click, with the end goal being “visit the website,” rather than “buy the product.”

    The next question: Is the cost for the ad worth it? I would argue in most cases it is not, but in this case, getting banned from TV is probably one of the best traffic generators that Unilever could’ve manufactured (and they can afford the ads). I know I would have never seen it otherwise, and even though I don’t fit their target demo (I’m a 30 yr. old white guy), who knows how I’ll help spread it.

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