New Life for Tired Brands

An article I wrote for the February issue of The Advertiser, titled “Putting a New Shine on Your Brand,” is here, courtesy of The Pohly Company, which publishes the magazine for the Association of National Advertisers. The article is about how companies can restore life to a tired or maturing brand and make it relevant to newly empowered consumers.

The piece has some terrific insights from brand consultants like Hayes Roth from Landor, Brad White of (r)evolution partners, and Daryl Travis from Brandtrust, along with practitioners including Becky Saeger (Charles Schwab), Sharon John (Hasbro) and Alan Hallberg (Cisco).  Money quote from Saeger about Schwab’s new approach to customer research:

“No one walks down the street wondering if Schwab is better than Fidelity. They’re thinking about how they’re going to get their kids into college. That’s the relevance we needed to tap into.”

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