The Right Way To Do Customer Service

Last night, I cancelled my premium membership to, an executive job site (since I’m not actively looking, I couldn’t justify the $30-per-month fee). Cancelling online was a breeze – one click to get to my account info, one click to cancel, plus a question or two on why I was bailing. No hard push to keep me on board, no making me call a customer-service rep for a cross-sell attempt, just a nice “thank you.” This morning I received an email acknowledgement from a community manager named Kathy Wu confirming the cancellation, with a bonus:

Just a head’s up. Your account was auto-renewed for another 4 weeks last Wednesday. Did you want those extra weeks or had intended to cancel before the renewal took place?

I replied that I did not want the extra four weeks and would they mind crediting my account. A few hours later I received this reply:

Hi Rob,
Thanks for getting back to me.
You’re all set! Please check your next American Express statement to see the $30 refund reflected. You’re now a free, Basic member and won’t be charged again unless you re-upgrade to our Premium level of service.

Proactive, friendly customer service. No muss, no fuss. What a concept! I will certainly use their service again, and I will recommend to my friends and colleagues. This is customer service done right.

3 thoughts on “The Right Way To Do Customer Service”

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  2. A little while ago in a dry spell I also was a premium member of the Ladders. Never got even a nibble from their, but they delivered exactly what they said they would and when it was time to go they even asked why I was leaving. Real people with real feelings. Now there’s a concept.

  3. the ladders always gives me achallenge to some of my primitive attitudes which i thought were meant 2be part of my ethical behavioural have leart more professionalism from the customer care of ladders.

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