This Is a Revolution?

If we learned anything from this year’s Super Bowl ad nauseum, it is this: The 30-second spot is not dead; there are just a lot more schmucks creating them.

The user-generated ads for Doritos did not stand out from the pack of “professional” spots. One was clever, the other was sophomoric. Ditto for the UGC Chevy ad – a bunch of guys caressing a car in their tighty-whities is not exactly a milestone in the annals of TV advertising.

This is a revolution? Yes, it’s incredible that mere consumers were given an opportunity to contribute to the biggest single event for television advertising. But if the end product looks the same (occasionally funny, often lame) as the spots that the agencies have been serving up for the last decade, then what’s the point? I expected something, I dunno, different. Like Coke and Mentos.


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