Big Media Bites Back

Viacom told YouTube today to pull from its site more than 100,000 copyrighted video clips – accounting for more than 1.2 billion video streams. Viacom’s general counsel called it a “takedown action,” but it’s more like a smackdown after the two sides couldn’t reach an agreement that would let YouTube post videos from the media giant, whose properties include MTV and Comedy Central. The move will keep YouTube’s producers busy over the weekend, but it won’t solve the bigger issue of how proactive YouTube has been in filtering for copyrighted material posted without permission. If you ask me, the genie is already out of the bottle – good luck to Big Media trying to get it back in.


3 thoughts on “Big Media Bites Back”

  1. that was always the danger when Google bought Youtube – a constant copyright war. It’s going to drain the big G, and I wonder, if in the end, it will be a positive financial outcome for them.

    God bless Mark Cuban 😉


  2. this is an enormously complicated matter, with so many people entitled to a slice of the pie. writers, lawyers, actors, agents, producers, etc. in the meantime copyright lawyers will get fat trying to figure it all out. it’s the same situation with digital music. music co’s want to digitize their back catalogues, but that’s complicated by the fact that most of the artists (songwriters, performers, etc, etc) are dead…who owns the rights, and who gets paid? it’s quite a mess.
    all that said, goog better smarten up and play nice with the media bigs.

  3. i hear viacom requested clips removed by keyword. if content was tagged with what viacom thought was an infringing keyword ALL content tagged with that keyword was removed. so lots of consumer generated content was removed as well. and lots of barely legal youtubers received little boilerplate emails, asking those who care to change their ways and begin to once again, in the Mao Tse Spirit of the The Great Firewall of Chinese censorship, do no evil.

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