Captive Audience

MediaDailyNews writes about a new company called SecurityPoint Media that has received approval from the Transportation Security Administration to sell ad space on the bins, tables and carts used at airport security checkpoints. Brilliant! Any distraction for grumpy, stressed-out travelers waiting to be strip-searched is welcome. I would hope that SecurityPoint is working on technology that can serve up contextual ads based on the items the traveler places in the bin.


4 thoughts on “Captive Audience”

  1. companies that make lighters and travel-sized personal hygeine products will be all over this thing. Foot deodorant companies as you stand there shoeless in your stinkiest socks. etc

  2. I see where traveling is on Dav’e mind today. Wanna bet he’s had to wear his sox two days in a row?
    All hail the foot sore commuting executive, now somewhere on his way out to the Cape.

    I could have down this in haiku but what the hell.
    It could be argyle.

    Jim Forbes

  3. companies are already all over the airport restrictions. recently at cvs i saw a whole section of 3 oz. products with little signs saying “airport approved.”

    advertising on security tables and bins…this follows news on what people see as the next Net gold rush of adverts on cell phones…ugh. is there truly no escape?

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