Apple’s iPhone: Maximum Buzz

Give credit on two fronts to Apple Computer, er, sorry, just Apple Inc.: They make wicked cool stuff, and they know how to generate maximum buzz. Yesterday’s iPhone announcement and demo by Steve Jobs at Macworld has everyone slobbering all over themselves in praise of the new device. It’s being called everything from a killer app for mobile advertising (thanks in part to its 3.5-inch screen and its seamless convergence of phone, video and music functions) to the Holy Grail of gadgets. (Holy cow, I need one now!)

It won’t ship until June, but Apple placed the device in the hands of a few select influencers such as the NYTimes’ David Pogue and Gizmodo‘s Brian Lam for short test drives. (Where can I get one?)

Jobs even teased the crowd by using the phone to play “Lovely Rita,” a subtle sign that Apple may finally be ready to strike a long-awaited deal with the Beatles’ holding company to add the bands extensive portfolio to iTunes. (I’ll take two!)

Apple’s iPhone

Jobs thinks Apple can sell 10 million of these puppies in 2008, which would be a small slice of the overall cell phone market but a significant new chunk of business for Apple. And at this point, who’s to doubt them? They’ve come a long way in the 15 years since former Apple CEO John Sculley introduced the first PDA, called the Newton, and showed a clunky, non-working prototype of the device. I think it was made of balsa wood.


5 thoughts on “Apple’s iPhone: Maximum Buzz”

  1. re: jim’s question…my understanding is apple had to file with the FCC for the license. registration of the application had to be made this month, and there’s no way apple can keep that quiet. rather than have the world discover the FCC docs and report apple’s news for it, jobs and Co. went the vaporware route.
    exclusivity with cingular is ridiculous, primarily b/c Cingular service is AWFUL.

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