“Hard Drive Failure is Imminent”

The hard drive on my 7-month-old Vaio laptop is near death. I’ve been scrambling since early morning with various backup attempts, from a bucket brigade of 128MB flash drives (not enough capacity) to the external hard drive from the kids’ PC (which stopped working when I plugged it into the laptop) to free online backup (the painfully slow/aptly named Mozy) before finally running out to Staples for a 6-gig flash drive. It’s not like I never back up – my work-related documents were already safely tucked away on a USB drive. My goal now is to save as many system settings as possible before the notebook goes dark. At least it’s still under warranty.

This comes after replacing the hard drive on my 14-month-old Sony desktop a year ago. Vaio con dios, my darling …


4 thoughts on ““Hard Drive Failure is Imminent””

  1. Hi Rob,

    I had several failures on my Vaio also. Not sure why either. I bought an end of life HP-Compaq which has worked pretty well. The Sony is sitting in a drawer now.

    That being said, about once a month I move all my really important stuff between my desktop and notebook so I have everything on both (both on hardwired Ethernet). At wire speeds, the whole process only takes about 20 minutes total.

  2. i had my sony vaio for 12 months to the day! i purchased it on the 13/4/07 – and at 3am on the 13/4/08 it came up with its ‘hardware failure imminent…’
    so 12 months to the day… if it hadnt happened to me, i wouldnt have believed it…
    not to happy, sony is repairing it for me at the moment…

    never happened with my 4 yo toshiba…

  3. postscript – the hard drive has yet to fail despite the “imminent” warning – i back up every day (more or less) in anticipation of the inevitable…

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