Ho Hum, Marketing Transformation Continues

Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the Association of National Advertisers, offers 10 Ways Marketing Will Be Transformed in 2007. The list includes such bold predictions as:

  • Marketers will abandon their historic “command and control” model of brand building in favor of a truly interactive dialogue with consumers.
  • The chief marketing officer will rise in stature as a C-suite player.
  • Marketing will become increasingly unconventional — tapping into social networking, word-of-mouth, local events and more — to break through media clutter.
  • The marketing organization will undergo a top-to-bottom reinvention.

Funny, the list looks a lot like what the pundits were prognosticating heading into 2006. And you might as well clip and save the list for 2008, because all of these transformative issues will still be works in progress a year from now.  


2 thoughts on “Ho Hum, Marketing Transformation Continues”

  1. I suspect number four on your short list means this ongoing transformation (as usual) will present a wonderful opportunity to lay off old (expensive) people and replace them with young’uns. – Which bodes ill for prediction number two here.

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