Forest, Trees, and E-mail Marketing

Got an invitation yesterday from Shared Insights to what seems like an interesting event called the Community 2.0 Conference. Here’s the description from the email:

The Community 2.0 Conference will provide a provocative look at how community and social networks are radically improving the performance of companies in the areas of customer service, product innovation, sales, and marketing. Conference topics include:

  • Strategy & Theory– Analyze the underlying theories of community in order to understand what makes them work, as well as look at some strategic angles of community development and management for specific business processes.
  • Applications & Best Practices– Examine the business processes for companies that have successfully deployed communities and what lessons can be learned from those industry pioneers.  
  • Technology & Social Infrastructure– Explore the technology and social architecture that facilitate successful communities.

Shared Insights was nice enough to offer me a $500 “preferred customer” discount. Very thoughtful, but I have minor beef with the invitation: nowhere does it say WHEN or WHERE the conference is being held. Perhaps they are relying on the collective wisdom of the community to divine the optimal time and place.


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