The Shift Is On

I finally got a DVR cable box last week. Since I refused to buy any additional services from Adelphia, I waited until Comcast took over to take the plunge into time-shifting. Watching Sunday night’s football game on Monday morning took less than an hour.  No more TV timeouts! No more Subway ads!

I’m not alone. MediaPost reports today that nearly one-fourth of 18-to-49-year-old viewers are watching “The Office” on DVR.  That’s an amazing development involving such a key segment of the TV audience. The shift to delayed viewing raises all kinds of issues for advertisers who continue to shell out pretty significant coin for broadcast spots – Advertising Age says a 30-second spot on The Office goes for $219,000. The tug of war between the networks and advertisers over the next round of media buys will involve whether DVR viewers are zipping past commercials and how that much they can get buyers to pay for DVR ratings vs. live viewership.

They had best figure it out soon – the tipping point is near.  


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