MPlanet Odds & Ends

Cleaning out the notebook while waiting for my flight home:

  • IBM Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano gave the Thursday evening keynote after receiving an award from the AMA for “exceptional leadership.” He talked about the transformation of the global economy and made a call to action to marketers to “step up.”  “This is one of the most extraordinary periods in international business that I’ve experienced in my 34-year career,” he said, later adding: “You have to be willing to reinvent and innovate.” The opportunity to transform your business in this way, he added, “only comes along once in a career. Can you step up and take advantage of it?”  
  • There was one good quote in an otherwise flat opening keynote from AT&T COO Randall Stephenson: “The lesson of the Internet is that no audience is too small.”
  • My last session today was a dud. The content was light and the speaker’s pants were too tight. The only good thing was it ended a half-hour early.
  • Billboard on the way to the airport: “ – It’s easier than you think.”

3 thoughts on “MPlanet Odds & Ends”

  1. OMG, is that a do it yourself kit?

    Stephenson’s quote is great. “no audience is too small.” That ought to come in handy for one of my upcoming meetings.

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