MPlanet Schedule

Here’s my schedule for the American Marketing Association’s MPlanet conference in Orlando:

Tonight: Opening reception

Thursday: 8:30 – Opening address, AMA CEO Dennis Dunlap

9:15 – Keynote, AT&T COO Randall Stephenson

10:30 – Succeeding in a World of New Media. Panelists include Tom Hernquist, SVP and chief growth officer at Hershey; Jo Harlow, SVP of global media phones marketing at Nokia; Michael Fasulo, CMO of Sony; George Harrison, SVP marketing and corporate communications, Nintendo; and Paul Woolmington, founding partner, Naked Communications. This should be a good one.

1:30 – The New Economy: Long Tail vs. 80/20. Including Chris Anderson, Wired editor and “Long Tail” author; and Jason Zajac, GM of social media at Yahoo

3:30 – New Media Channels: The View from the Consumer. With Dana VanDen Heuvel, director of business development at Pheedo.

6:00 – Keynote, Sam Palmisano, IBM chairman and CEO

7:00 – Reception sponsored by my pal Jim Lenskold at the Lenskold Group along with Marketing Scientists, CMM Group and Baskin Associates


8:45 – Connecting Marketing Metrics to Financial Consequences. With Wharton Marketing Professor Dave Reibstein, Yahoo CMO Cammie Dunaway, and Kraft Foods EVP of global marketing resources Paula Sneed. Best Buy’s Michael Linton is also listed as a panelist, but I think he left the company a few months back.

10:45 – How To Develop and Deploy a Marketing Dashboard. A case study with Pat Lapointe, managing director at MarketingNPV and Nancy Gordon, SVP of marketing with CitiGroup’s ThankYou Network.

I’ll post the highlights here throughout the conference.


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