Observations While Watching Football

1. Best Buy talks about experiencing “the true digital reality” of HDTV. Nicely written, authoritatively delivered, completely nonsensical.

2. Will the Wrangler Jeans boys-are-back-in-town gang grow up to be the wild-and-crazy Flomax posse, only with larger prostates?

3. The new “Concert” ad for Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player is apparently the sixth spot in the extensive Zune launch campaign, but it’s the first one I’ve seen on broadcast TV. The tagline is Welcome to the Social, to highlight the Zune’s ability to let users share songs via WiFi. An obvious grab for the Gen-Y social networkers, but is it enough to distinguish what otherwise seems like another me-too challenger to the iPod? Never underestimate the power of Microsoft to bully itself into a market, especially when it sees itself as an underdog. And Microsoft, better than most, has shown that it knows how to tap into the power of viral marketing.


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