Witchy Woman

One of my Sunday morning reading staples, Parade (what, you thought I was going to say the NYT Book Review?), has a blurb about a mother’s efforts to get the Harry Potter books banned from school libraries in Gwinnett County, Ga., citing their promotion of witchcraft and demonic activity. Sounds like someone cast a stupid spell on this poor woman.


3 thoughts on “Witchy Woman”

  1. If this is the same woman I think it is she need to shut her mouth until she has read the books. How can you have something banned when you have no clue what they are about since you have never read them. This woman needs a life.

  2. According to one article I read, she admitted to not having read any of the books. She said something along the lines of, “they’re very long, and i have 4 kids.” Doh!

  3. Last I checked, the idea was to try to get kids to read. Harry Potter was the first real book I was able to read with my kids, 7 & 8 – that’s where the real magic is!

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