Busting a Nut

Scobleizer has a brief post on a new service for inserting contextual ads in web video. The company launching the service, Immen.se, calls the ads “walnuts”, which are basically keyword-driven text ads that appear inside a video.  I’m not a big fan of most contextual ads; just because I watch a clip of Sunday night’s World Series game doesn’t mean I want to buy a Tigers’ cap or a jar of pine tar. At its worst, contextual advertising ventures beyond annoying into the distasteful; consider the turpentine ads placed next to a recent CNN video on a mother forcing her pregnant daughter to drink turpentine. Ouch, babe.


3 thoughts on “Busting a Nut”

  1. why wouldn’t you want a quart bottle of pine tar? you can always use this organic product to patchrust holes in you Saab o Subaru caused by salt on New hampsire roadways. Think snow, Rob

    jim Forbes in sunny San Diego

  2. This is why crap like IntelliTxt needs to die. Remember them? They underlined words in stories so they looked like links, but when you moused over them a little ad “balloon” popped up?
    Forbes.com tried it. I thought it pretty bad when I read Jim Michaels’ in memoriam note about Paul Klebnikov, the Forbes editor who was gunned down in Moscow. One of the words in the story, I think it was “funeral” was underlined and yielded a pitch for life insurance.

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