Driving Me to Distraction

I’m already tired of Nissan’s “7 Days in a Sentra” campaign – and we’re not even past the first day yet. The seemingly endless prime time loop of the Day 1 spot is not exactly edge-of-your seat viewing. As in, who cares why some dude decided to live in his car for a week? Did he lose a bet? Is he mocking homeless people? Did Nissan pay him gobs of money?

Give Nissan credit for a well thought out integrated campaign featuring TV ads, a Webisode and a blog. But maybe that’s the problem. The promotion feels contrived, manufactured – the antithesis of the free-spiritedness Nissan is so obviously trying to capture. The blog’s not much more than a placeholder for the commercials and raises important existential questions like, why do the blog entries for days 2-7 have the same posting date?


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