Virtual Reality Is No Longer an Oxymoron

Read a short article on MediaPost this morning about Reuters opening up a virtual news bureau on the Second Life site. The Reuters site, run by a virtual bureau chief named Adam Reuters (the avatar for real-world reporter Adam Pasick), looks like it provides a mix of “real” news and articles reported for the virtual world. The blurring of real life and fantasy is a bit bewildering for small-brained souls like me. I never thought, for example, that I’d see these two headshots in the same article:

 Philip RosedaleAlan Greenspan

And there’s more: Congress is starting to explore potential tax implications for the thriving virtual economies in Second Life and other virtual worlds. Their interest stems from the fact that so-called “in-world” currency – Linden dollars in the case of Second Life – can be converted to real US greenbacks. OK, I have to stop now; my hair is starting to hurt.


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