Fake Blogging Across America

Earlier this week, the “Wal-Marting Across America” blog – ostensibly the musings of a happy couple traveling the country in an RV while overnighting only in Wal-Mart parking lots – was outed for being bankrolled by Wal-Mart’s outside PR firm, Edelman. This is not the first time Wal-Mart has been caught pushing the ethical boundaries of the blogosphere. Granted, the retail giant desperately needs some ammo for its ongoing steel-cage death match against its well-organized critics, but come on – what was it possibly thinking? I continue to be amazed when big brands and their big agencies swing and miss so badly. Wal-Mart got its buzz alright, but once again for all the wrong reasons.


9 thoughts on “Fake Blogging Across America”

  1. I suspected that about the RV Blog… having noted this, the two WalMarts near my ancestral home in Azusa, CA are filled with as many as 20 RVs or trailers every night starting with Thanksgiving. As New year’s approaches (and the Rose Parade) the number of RVs swell to about 25-30 per store.
    I suspect we’ll see more fake blogs in tne immediate futre.
    Like other blogers I try very hard to identify any relationship I have had with a company ovder the years.

    jim Forbes

  2. Wow…could this be the effect “they” warned us about? Journalism with the code of ethics filed off?

    Payperpost is scary in it’s implications…legions of hired guns writing whatever their paid to write, without any disclaimer. Talk about advertorial in it’s most incideous form.

    Great to see you online…



  3. Judah and Mark – good to hear from you. You’re right, Payperpost is scary. First time I’ve seen the term “Consumer Generated Advertising” used – does not bode well for the blogosphere.

  4. I saw DC production of the Capital Steps iun Washington over the weekend. Very funny and I recommend it. They did a bit on how America is selling out to big corporations. Even the states will be renamed…like OklaHOMEDEPOT and IdaHohos.

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